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United Kingdom

The country is surrounded by water, having only one land border with Ireland.

If you find yourself in the middle of a typical British environment, you’ll encounter many interesting traditions, delicious food, breath-taking nature views, folk music, old stories and tales and more to recount their rich culture. It encompasses different lifestyles, ranging from the urban metropolis to the old quiet villages. The architectural display is unique too. Its most impressive architectural structures come in different shapes and styles and represents different ages of British architecture. The UK is also very well connected to Europe which makes it very convenient for the people to travel and explore to their best of abilities.

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the most popular destinations for students going to study abroad with more than 500,000 international students enrolling every year. Universities in the UK have one of the oldest universities in the world rooting from centuries ago. The British Education system is one of the most eminent in the world and many nations have adapted it with minor changes. Students and professionals from all across the world come here for a quality education, life and lifestyle. It is very reputed for its high quality and standards. The cosmopolitan cities as well as the rich cultural heritage makes UK highly desirable and welcoming.


  • UK is the second most desirable country for education after US. As per the QS World Ranking 2019, four UK universities rank amongst the top ten universities of the world.
  • UK caters to more than 395 universities and colleges and offer over 50,000 courses in more that 25 subject areas.
  • The education system here focuses more on the research based learning and practical application of the utility-based knowledge enhancing the critical and analytical skills of the students.
  • Most of undergraduate courses are 3 years while post-graduate programs are between 1 to 2 years.
  • Two-year post study work visa with an option to work part time for 20 hours per week.
  • Education costs are lower in the UK than US and Australia.
  • Easy access to Europe is always an advantage for incoming international students.

  • Nottingham
    Nottingham is located in the heart of the East Midlands and is one of the youngest cities in the UK with almost 50% of the population under the age of 30. Home to two universities, it has been ranked as the 6th best city for students and 48th in the world (QS best Student Cities, 2019).

    Birmingham is the second largest city of the United Kingdom and lies in the centre of England. Birmingham is also one of the youngest cities with 40% population under the age pf 25. It is also known as “the city of 1,001 different trades” as it is Britain’s chief centre for light and medium industry. University of Birmingham stands tall in the top 100 world ranking in the QS World Universities Ranking.

    Bath is a UNESCO heritage and has been ranked as the 2nd safest university city in England and Wales. It is very well known for its Roman and Georgian architecture. It is a small city and with two major Universities making it a very comfortable student city. It is a great combination of history, culture, education and nightlife making it one of the preferred cities by the students.

    London is the capital and the biggest city of the UK. It has been ranked as the world’s best city for university students (QS Best Student Cities 2019). It is one of the most cosmopolitan cities with a history spanning nearly two millennia. The city competes with New York for the status of the world’s major financial centre. The Federal University of London is one of the largest universities in Europe comprising of 19 colleges, and 12 institutes, as well as distance learning External System.

    Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. Edinburgh is the city of literature and was the first city to be called the UNESCO city of Literature. Four of the five top universities in Scotland were founded before 1600. University of Edinburgh stand at 20th ranking in the QS World University Ranking, 2021.

    Manchester is called the “Capital of the North” and is also the fifth largest city in the UK. It is also one of the UK’s favourite student cities and has two large universities. It is also home to two of world’s biggest names in football – Manchester united and Manchester City. The University of Manchester along with its 29th ranking in the QS World University Ranking, is also a part of the Russel Group Universities of the UK.

    Work Opportunities

    As an international student in the UK, the permitted working hours are 20 hours per week. The minimum wages vary as per age brackets. Students age between 18 and 20, are usually paid £6.15 per hour. For those above 21 are paid £7.70 while those of 25 and above are paid £8.72 per hour. UK has recently announced the new point-based visa route for international students where 70 points are needed to get a student visa. As per the new law, students will be offered 2 years post study work visa which is one of the major attractions.